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The Velvet blood collection device is designed for easy self-collection of blood samples by any adult user, anywhere, including in patients’ homes. Reducing reliance on onsite phlebotomy makes blood testing more accessible – and may increase patient compliance while giving clinicians greater test-ordering freedom without inconveniencing patients and their families.

The ability to expand the volume and frequency of testing, even among patients in underserved or remote locations, enables new healthcare delivery models that lower cost.

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Partnership is part of our mission. The Velvet™ blood collection device and the Silk™ COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Test (For Investigational Use Only, Submitted for FDA EUA Authorization), can support a variety of new approaches for healthcare partners, from population health and wellness initiatives to virtual care, clinical trials, and epidemiological studies.

Our partners include diagnostic test manufacturers, direct-to-consumer organizations, universities, research labs, government agencies, telemedicine companies, healthcare institutions, and more.

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