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Allyson M.

What’s the vibe like in the office?

The office vibe is really open and driven. Not only is the space open concept, but it truly feels like you have access to team members at any level, and that you are always supported. People around here are constantly asking “How can I help you?”. We are all driven to accomplishing our goals.

Allyson M. – Product Development Engineer


Rob P.

What are some social events your company does? 

It seems like we are always doing something! Trivia and a at home version of Price is Right are two of my favorites.  We even got a S’mores kit sent to our house to make S’mores over Zoom. 

Rob P. – Staff Accountant

What do you look forward to at work? 

I look forward to working with our team. We foster genuine care for each other, which makes for exciting, supportive collaboration. I also continue to appreciate the consistent encouragement to follow what I am passionate about and take on new opportunities to learn. 

Libby R. – Product Manager, IVD Remote Collection Platforms

What are some benefits you’ve discovered about working here that you weren’t aware of when you started?

We have great benefits at Weavr! In addition to the generous core health benefits, Weavr also offers an expanded mental health benefit, Spring Health, which is available to all employees at no cost. I really appreciate that Weavr understands the importance of making mental health coverage a priority for their employees.  

Janine B. – Digital Communications and PR Lead 

Ben R.

What are some benefits you’ve discovered about working here that you weren’t aware of when you started? 

One thing that wasn’t mentioned on the job description is how closely you’re able to work with other teams and learn from them. I don’t have a background in engineering, sales or business operations, but I am quickly learning more about the importance of these teams. Even if only through osmosis, I am learning so many things I never would have been able to without joining Weavr. A lot of this learning is attributable to the lack of silos but at Weavr, everyone works closely with every team and that isn’t seen in most companies 

Ben R. – Clinical Operations Coordinator