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Inside Weavr: Meet Ray Parvin, Vice President, Operations

What drew you to Weavr?  

Before joining Weavr, the majority of my career was in the medical device industry, primarily in the endoscopy, cardiovascular and neurology markets. I really enjoyed the industry but hadn’t had a chance to work in diagnostics. Weavr interested me because I saw an opportunity to apply existing skills while learning a new area.  

After meeting several people from the team, listening to the company’s vision, and learning about the culture they wanted to build, I knew it was something I wanted to be part of. Weavr had a younger team and I enjoy mentoring, so it was a great fit. One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is being able to share what I’ve learned through the years and pay it forward.  



What is your focus at Weavr? 

My focus at Weavr is operations, so I essentially make sure we’re building and achieving what we need to deliver great products and satisfy our customers. Part of this work includes bringing in new contract manufacturers to meet future demand. Our in-house manufacturing operations and engineering capabilities will need to grow as we expand, as well. Part of my focus in the upcoming months and years will be on further developing these areas. 

A big part of operations is also working closely with the broader Weavr team and our customers, as well as building good relationships with valued suppliers. This part of the job is something I spend time on every day — communicating clearly, instilling trust, and honoring commitments. Good relationships are so important, and that’s what I really enjoy about our team. We’re diverse in many ways with a great mix of people bringing different experiences to the table. Being able to put all of those individual elements together really helps the team as a whole. Ultimately, it’s the teamwork that allows us to deliver and execute.  


Why do you feel Weavr’s work is so important? 

We’ve all heard the phrase “knowledge is power.” When I think about what our company and our products offer, I see us providing that knowledge to customers and patients by putting important health information in their hands — information they can use to make better decisions day to day and have more meaningful conversations with their doctors. The ability to easily access valuable health information and knowledge from home is very powerful, especially in today’s world.  

I’m also excited about our technology roadmap for the future. I believe there are many additional elements of diagnostics we can bring to the market to make people’s lives so much easier. For example, what if there was an easily available diagnostic for allergies? As someone who has traveled a lot in past lives and spent more than half my life on the road at one point, I wish there had been a test I could pick up and quickly determine if I had a cold or allergies. There are so many ways that diagnostics could provide information to help in our daily lives. 


When did you know that you wanted to pursue a career in operations? 

After spending several years in the Marine Corps, I started as an operator on the production line at a medical device company in the endoscopy market and quickly fell in love with all of the different elements involved – the manufacturing side, the technical side, the business side, strategy.  

Now that I’ve established a career in the operations space, what motivates me every day is continuing to move the ball forward and helping all of us continue to grow to bring Weavr’s vision to realization. I see that reality on the near horizon.  


If you had to describe Weavr in three words, what would you say? 

Passionate, collaborative, and caring. We have a team that isn’t in the business of checking the boxes. We really care about how everyone’s doing, offering help, and getting the company to where it needs to be. If someone is unsure of how to approach something, we let them know it’s OK to not get something right the first time, as long as we learn from the experience. We want to make people comfortable so they’re not afraid to make a decision.  

Even as we grow, we are committed to maintaining our collaborative culture and shared vision, letting the team know that even though we will face difficult challenges, we’ll get through them together. To me, it’s really all about the communication and transparency, making sure everyone is aware of where we are, what we need to do, and how we’re progressing toward where we want to be.